The minimum voting age should be 25.  That will give you a few years to get out on your own, have the government take your money, pay some bills and maybe even get laid off a couple of times so that you realize goofing off in school on someone’s charge card doesn’t make you a contributing member of society.  And if you’re a Political Science major you don’t get to vote until you’re 30.  That will give you a few more years to find a job.  That is called irony.  Oh, and Political Science is an oxymoron.


A person’s level of involvement in a political party or religious group is directly proportional to how far that person’s nose is shoved into other people’s business.  If that value is greater than zero you are an asshole.  The number of assholes a society has is directly proportional to the number of laws that society has created to appease said assholes.  And that explains why I can’t sit in a privately owned bar, smoke legal cigarettes and drink legal vodka at 6a.m. while bothering absolutely no one.  I can’t drink all day if I don’t start in the morning.