I can’t keep up with your politically correct labels.  When did you guys make ‘mentally retarded’ an offensive phrase?  And why did you change it to ‘special needs’?  That doesn’t even make sense.  Mentally retarded people have the exact same needs I have.  Hell, I have more once you factor in my booze and smokes and the fact that I ‘need’ to pay taxes.  When Timmy calls his little brother ‘retarded’ because he shoves pencils up his nose, pointy end first, don’t turn him into an asshole because he used a word to its true definition– he’s not being offensive.  What if Timmy called his brother ‘genius’ after the pencil incident? Would that have been offensive?  Would you change that word?  Just so you know, it really wouldn’t matter if you did because we geniuses don’t care what you retards think.